Sunday, September 10, 2017

Practical TV Logos

Before digital logos became commonplace, TV and movie logos were created with physical, actual models shot in camera. The website "This is Colossal" has collected some of the best.
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Thanks, Izzy Medrano


Carol Scown-Raynal said...

Gee Wizzzz. This logo is my childhood ! Toute mon enfance !

Unknown said...
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Jim Douglas said...

What's the point of building the RTF Eurovision logo if you don't move the camera while filming it? Why not just draft the radiating lines and use still photography? I expected the camera to zoom into the setup and dazzle with dynamic geometry. Am I missing something?

James Gurney said...

Jim, that's a good question—you could make the logo two dimensionally. As I look at the logo and the photo, it seems the 3D setup is not the one shot for the logo we see above it. It seems to be missing the letters going around the outside edge. So maybe that 3D string model was shot with a moving camera.

Carol, do you remember ever seeing the logo morphing or moving at all?

JR said...

I'm a European too, and I fail to recall seeing it morph or move.

James, these few quotes clarify 'the issue':

from the link you provided:

… constructed with an array of strings to provide the identity with a bright shimmer that couldn’t be accomplished with 2D drawings.

I animated this opener in 1979 for the broadcast of sports event MIS '79 (Mediterranean Games) in Split (Croatia). It is interesting that the Eurovision logo was never animated before.

Eurovision logos 1956 - 2013