Thursday, May 25, 2017

'How to Make Easel' Video Releases This Saturday

On Saturday, May 27, I release my newest video tutorial called: "How to Make a Sketch Easel."

Beginners and pros alike will be able to follow step-by-step as I build my compact, lightweight easel. I've been perfecting this design for decades, and it's ideal for sketchbooks and small panels.

Plus I'll show four different ways to make a white diffuser. Each one is a vast improvement over the blowdown-prone white umbrella. 

I thoroughly cover materials, tools, and methods, and I share alternate build techniques for those who don't have many power tools or workshop skills.

If you've built a similar easel design and would like to share it with the blog community, I'll be doing a post about 'Your Easel Designs' this coming Monday. Please email me a few photos with a sentence about each.

The HD download of "How to Make a Sketch Easel" is more than an hour long and costs only $14.95. 

The DVD version is available for $24.50, and it includes a slide show.


Anonymous said...

I'm in!

Fabio Porta said...

Awesome! Just in time, I am re-building my lightweight sketch easel based on your design, James :) I will get the video as soon as it releases!

markfiske said...
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markfiske said...

Excellent, James! I have loved seeing yours evolve over time. Looking forward to this release. My pochade is made from a cigar box. :)