Sunday, May 7, 2017

Preview of CGI Tech at Siggraph 2017

(Link to YouTube) Every year at the Siggraph conference, pioneers in the field of computer graphics share their new technology.

This geeky preview highlights the technical accomplishments that will filter down to the visual effects we see in movies and animated TV commercials. Some of the innovations are ever more complex interactions of particles and fur, and dissimilar materials flowing or melting.
Multispecies simulation of porous sand and water mixtures
Some additional highlights include:
1:30 A text-to-video synthesizer that can make Obama (or anybody) say anything.
1:50 Video of a face talking can be remapped to match a given drawing or painting style.
2:00 A deep-learning method to turn crude cartoons into 3D sculpts.

Via BoingBoing


Kelly Toon said...

Hello Mr. Gurney,

Related to this topic, have you seen this video? A computer algorithm attempts to understand Bob Ross. The result is hallucinogenic nightmare fuel. There is a moment where Bob has something in his hand, maybe a small animal? The computer trying to insert it's opinion of what the object is will make anyone uncomfortable.

Howard Lyon said...

Amazing advancements. The video collage of Obama being reconstructed to deliver the same audio is incredible and terrifying in some ways. There is a willingness to believe, for good reason, that a video is a form of truth. With today's technology that is naive, isn't it? I suppose that has been the case for a while but today's tech seems to matchup to the spycraft depicted in Hollywood movies from a decade ago! Thanks for sharing.