Thursday, October 20, 2016

Peludópolis: A Lost Animated Film

Peludópolis was an 80-minute animated film by Argentine director Quirino Cristiani. Released in 1931, it was the first animated feature film with sound.

Unfortunately, all copies of the finished film were lost in a fire, so the film is best known from this making-of featurette. If you get this post by email, you might need to follow this link to YouTube to see the video.

The film was made by a novel paper cut-out process. 

The characters and background elements were drawn with white paint on black paper. The paper cutouts were then laid out, and shot with a reversal process.
Peludópolis on Wikipedia


Tobias Gembalski said...

Interesting way of achieving the final line art. It´s a pitty the film is lost. Maybe some day it will be rediscovered on a dusty attic.

Warren JB said...

I mentioned Oliver Postgate's animation in an older comment. Some of it involved paper cutouts, and I'm reminded of it again; only this seems more sophisticated! Makes you wonder why they didn't go with established (I assume) transparent cels, and what might have been if this method took off.